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Are you thinking about creating a website for yourself or your business?

Is your website outdated and you want a change? 

Websites can be complicated beasts at times, so much to think about. 


A clear call to action and showing why your business stands out from the crowd should always be priorities in planning your website content.

Here are 3 things you need to consider when planning a website:

1. Goals

2. Content

3. Platform

What are the goals for your website?

Do you have a large following on social media and just need a place to send your ideal customers? Are you wanting to be the number one searched for business in your industry? Do you want an online shop? Is your business offerings going to grow in the next couple years and you need a website to expand with it?

The answers to these questions can lead you to know which kind of website you need and what platform will be best for you. 

Thinking about your goals can also help you to know what services you need to use to build your website such as Photographer, copywriter, SEO specialist.

2. Content

How much content for your website do you have? There is nothing wrong with having a simple website that clearly shows what you do. Others may have pages and pages of offerings or products. 

What about images, do you have clear professional images, or should you consider investing in a photographer? 

Are you a writer? Copywriters are 100% worth the investment.

3. You have seen all the ads; Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, Shopify, Showit, but which platform is right for you? 

It is a large investment and you don’t want to get it wrong. 

Fortunately, the answers to your goal questions will tell you which solution is the best for you.

Take some time to consider what your goals are for your website. Then book a consulting call to determine if building a WordPress or Shopify website is the right solution for you.

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